If you have problems travelling on busy highways, you'll benefit from owning a Chrysler 300 because it has a safety solution for lane changing routines. The technology is called LaneSense, and it boosts safety whenever unintentional problems occur on the road.

LaneSense is a tactical warning system that's designed for multi-lane highways. It complements the Lane Assist System, which is also a standard safety feature. Both systems activate when the Chrysler 300 gradually drifts to another lane unintentionally. As this happens, the LaneSense hardware provides an alert. Then, the Lane Assist implements procedures to guide the car to a safe lane. However, if a driver makes changes to guide the Chrysler away from traffic, the Lane Assist System won't activate.

Riverside Melfort Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram provides test drives in the Chrysler 300. We let consumers operate our cars on streets near our business in Melfort. If you want to learn more about key safety functions, you'll gather great information during a test drive.



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